At its most elemental, the way we do what we do can be distilled into four distinct chapters.


A thoughtfully defined storyline is everything. 


The rest is about building on that central idea to evolve a collection that connects the guest or resident with the space. That’s why we’re here, right?

This is when we discuss the design brief, talk budget, research cool stuff about the project location, and pull together concepts to establish direction.

Once the creative decisions are made, we orchestrate all the moving parts and pieces and watch them resolve into a singular visual narrative. It’s beyond gratifying, and good for our OCD.


This is when we roll up our sleeves and make things real. We oversee commissions, select frames, keep all of the artists focused and on track [as if] and juggle a million different tasks. Yes. It is controlled chaos.  

If you want, we’ll hang it on the wall for you, too. And by that we mean we’ll supervise someone who really knows how to do that.


This is when we all come together to get the doors open. It’s that simple. And honestly, seeing the vision come to life is why we do what we do.    

Photography  |  eric Laignel

Photography  |  durston saylor

Photography  |  durston saylor

It’s all about placemaking. And since artist selection is always project-driven, we go local first. 


The community gets to see their artists’ work in context, encouraging folks to engage and add their own story to commentary already in play. This makes us happy.

This is when we do a deep dive to select art for every location, finalize pricing, and tee things up for purchasing. 

Photography  |  durston saylor